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Saturday, December 14, 2002:

It doesn't matter what Jesus would do.

Natalie Solent takes people to task for reasoning the potential actions of Jesus to support a cause. There is no clear way to determine what Jesus may have done in our positions.Jesus offered the suggestions he did as the leader of the reform movement of the Jewish church.

What would Jesus have done if he lived as another occupation? We can not know. Nor can we know what kind of car he would drive or who he would vote for. People as a whole would be better off folowing their own self-interest rather than figuring out what someone else would have done. Natalie Solent put it perfectly when she said "However the WWJD phrase has now become little more than a hook for anybody to make any claim they like about divine backing for their side in whatever temporary and local kerfuffle happens to be in the paper this week, secure in the knowledge that the authority they quote is scarcely going to gainsay them."

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